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  1. jake paul will be in yakuza 9 as like a substory character that ichiban thinks is annoying but they paid him a lot of money to come to the studio so he ends up being a pretty alright guy in the end

    about 10 hours ago from web
    • Wow I didn't necessarily think that The Acolyte was worse than the Holiday Special, but I also haven't seen the Holiday Special and didn't see Acolyte past episode 2 https://youtu.be/CO4xVT-OksI

      about 14 hours ago from web
      • I bought a micro controller 6 years ago and hadn't a need for it yet, until now. It shocked me that the price doubled since then. It's an Atmega32u4 that has a male USB connector, also known as a Atmega32u4 Beetle, or BadUSB on some sites. I used the micro controller to emulate a mouse that wiggles the cursor periodically in order to prevent the locking of the screen when idle. The laptop from the client has locked down pretty much everything that could be otherwise be a workaround in software.
        It took me several attempts to make it work, because I was too optimistic with my gentle cursor wiggling. Windows' threshold is quite generous for its idle detection. At first I wiggled a pixel back and forth once every 5 minutes and it developed to twice a minute and twice a small figure 8 in a 3x3 pixel window. I think it is done to filter out some crappy mouse sensors that are very noisy. In practice it's not that distracting and the wiggling imperceptible when the mouse is actually used.

        about 2 days ago from web
        • Every time it rains I put some buckets outside to collect rain water that I put into a rain water barrel. Just from today's rain I collected almost 100l (26 US liquid gallons).

          about 3 days ago from web
        • Well heck, nevermind

          about 3 days ago from web
          • If Joe Biden winds up resenting Obama even half as much as I do this will all have been worth it. http://rainbowdash.net/url/876624

            about 4 days ago from web
          • Losing Bob Newhart's got me ready to grab a whip and go full Belmont on Death

            about 5 days ago from web
            • I've also done a little bit of gardening. My lawn is more dead moss than grass. Even after the last time (about two weeks ago) I removed even more moss that became more obvious because the grass isn't growing as well as it should. I like moss but that is either brown as mud or green as grass. In either state it's not very noticible if there is a lawn improvement or not.
              If I knew how annoying it would turn out I had stripped down to the top layer of the soil, added a new layer of very fertile soil on top and planted the grass seed on top. Would have been more effective in every way.

              about 6 days ago from web
              • First victim a tomato fruit just fell after a very heavy rain. Still have lots.

                about 7 days ago from web
              • I got a project that needs hardware (laptop) provided by the client. However it's a quite locked-down thing where even the wallpaper is reset on a reboot. The worst part is that it has a rather short time until the screen gets locked on idle. Going away for 5 minutes, like going to the bathroom or getting a snack, is enough for the screen lock to trigger. I have to dig up my Arduino Leonardo to emulate a mouse and make it wiggle from time to time or enter a not common keyboard button like any F-button above 12, which won't affect any regular application.

                about 6 days ago from web
                • Damn, how'd I not hear about Shelley Duvall? :( #

                  about 8 days ago from web
                • I bet Bush is real goddamn thankful that all anyone ever had for him was a pair of shoes

                  about 9 days ago from web
                  • Tomato count: 98. A few of them will be ripe in a few weeks.

                    about 9 days ago from web
                    • Next time Trump is on stage he can ask the people to lend an ear.

                      about 10 days ago from web
                    • If I got my ear blown off like that on the campaign trail I am immediately dropping out, I ain’t dying for you ungrateful mfs

                      about 10 days ago from web
                      • Damn everything, we could've turned this godforsaken timeline around :( It's Hinkley, Jr. all over again

                        about 10 days ago from web
                        • Just woke up from a nightmare about the Woobus, a hideous Bolivian monkey-type animal that can flatten itself to defend against threats, has spines that shoot out when threatened, has an insanely distressing alarm call, always has a boner, and will beat your kiwiing ass if you approach it. it had no legs and walked around with its arms using its clenched fists as feet. it always had its eyes closed but it could still see you. it had donkey kong’s haircut.

                          about 11 days ago from web
                          • Current tomato count: 70. Most of the flowers are very recently fertilized. I'm slightly anxious when thinking about the harvest. It'll be probably too much for me to handle. Most of the tomatoes are beefsteak tomatoes, an old French sort called Marmande, and they can get up to half a pound, mostly quarter pound. There are currently 25 of them growing and judging from the blossoms 3 times as much will develop. Thankfully not at the same time. I guess I need to prepare for cooking huge amounts of tomato sauce. Need tons of jars.

                            about 12 days ago from web
                            • >2008
                              >NYT headline about Joe Biden being a gaffe machine
                              >NYT headline about Joe Biden being a gaffe machine

                              about 12 days ago from web
                              • Ah yes New York... It needs 1.6 million USD paid to McKinsey to determine that trash bins are effective. I could have done for half.

                                about 12 days ago from web