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  1. This sums up why I hate SCRUM dailies https://www.commitstrip.com/en/2020/10/01/daily-meeting/

    about 3 hours ago from web
    • Gen Z/Millennial, whatever. I feel like people born in 1996-1998, we’re kind of in our own mini-generation because we grew up in a weird middle period between the culture wars of the 90s and the... culture wars of the mid to late 2010s.

      about 5 hours ago from web
      • It feels like a missed opportunity because SF is supposed to take place in “our world”, as much as a show about talking animals can. That’s sort of been my MO since around 2015 or so, that these stories aren’t rooted very much in the extraordinary or the supernatural and that the issues the characters face are (exaggerated) reflections of real issues we face as a species. MLB 2 is about depression and how your friends can help (or harm) you along that path. The Twin Souls is also about depression, “stand your ground” theories, political polarization, spiritual guidance, and suicidal ideation, set against the backdrop of the at-the-time relevant Syrian refugee crisis and the 2016 election. Swole Foods is about depression again (surprise surprise) but also just about living in modern America as a Gen Z-er, and I feel like by ignoring Covid in these episodes I’m straying from that premise a bit.

        about 5 hours ago from web
        • It’s not too late to add masks to the characters (though it would look kind of weird as I’d just be adding a layer on top, a mask layer, if you will) but I dunno if the lack of any lip syncing would annoy people. I’ve always been of the opinion that the facial area is usually what makes or breaks an animation.

          about 5 hours ago from web
          • At the beginning of the pandemic I refrained from writing anything about the pandemic into these Swole Foods shorts (set to release soon) because I thought the jokes would be dated, and therefore need to be cut, by around this time. Now it’s just gonna look kiwiin stupid that not a single character in this packed grocery store has even a chin-covering.

            about 5 hours ago from web
            • It makes me always happy when packets from overseas arrive and I don't have to pay import taxes.

              about 7 hours ago from web
              • To bad I missed out on watching paint dry to catch the debate yesterday, I really missed out.

                about 12 hours ago from web
              • I looked up and Disney+ doesn't even have the 3rd season of DuckTales. So... Disney+ is less desirable for me. No Amphibia, From my point of view it's only a service to watch all old Disney stuff as well The Mandalorian. I bet they'll botch the international release of the new Mandalorian season with releasing it months after the US.

                about 19 hours ago from web
                • https://64.media.tumblr.com/c2310bd9cc1f76c6e0b4743c46c0a1cf/e1b2a33c75febfb7-dc/s540x810/b02f7d243ada2d29270a608b2791a5ece71422bf.mp4

                  about 20 hours ago from web
                • that debate's gonna keep me up at night. mostly because every time i think about how awful that was Donald Trump personally comes to my house and tells me I'm wrong

                  about a day ago from web
                • Hello there folks! Been a while! How is everypony?!!

                  about 2 days ago from web
                • I was learning how to use gnuplot because I needed to visualize over 8000 entries (from all the 60 CSV files). I could have used LibreOffice but it's the worst for doing this, as it fails at everything. I copy-pasted the values and expected that the graph updates upon change but it was just blank. Also with gnuplot I can automatize the graph plot creation as I only need to define a style and it spits everything out at once within a few seconds. If I needed to change something with LibreOffice or Excel it would take 1000 times longer. Also the LaTeX integration is superb when you dig deeper into.

                  about 2 days ago from web
                  • As you may have guessed from the fact that the bill keeps getting paid, I am in fact, still alive.

                    about 3 days ago from web
                  • So, anyone else watch Guillermo del Toro's "Trollhunters" on Netflix? I'm quite enjoying it, actually onto "3Bellow" now. Scratches a similar YA urban fantasy omnimyth thing as "Gargoyles," but more cartoony. Fun times.

                    about 4 days ago from web
                    • Well, I got off the phone with some dork local politician. Told him four times now I'll never vote for him; might still, haven't looked into his positions. But, he needs to be punished for daring to spam me. E-mail, said "Leave me alone." So he calls, I say "Seriously, no." So he has some rando volunteer text me. Like I said, maybe he is the best guy for the job, but he's still an asshole and mango him for that!

                      about 5 days ago from web
                    • I've been playing FTL. It's fun but downright asshole-ish in difficulty when beginning to play it. It was so hard on easy in the beginning that it discouraged me to a major degree. Upon several runs I've learned the pattern of some events and could avoid having my crew eaten by spiders in some random event. Never send your crew to the planet when spiders are involved.

                      about 5 days ago from web
                      • Hmm. Rebuilding the Returners, but I still haven't caught up with General Leo in the World of Ruin. :-/ !vgp

                        about 5 days ago from web
                        • Well how bout that? https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/22/uk/old-tv-breaks-broadband-village-scli-intl-gbr/index.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab

                          about 7 days ago from web
                          • Well, maybe it's my leftist anti-authority screeds, maybe it's just tech incompetence, maybe someone is trying to haxxorz my account (zomfgwtf), but Twitter is still a wet garbage sack, laying in the sun.

                            about 7 days ago from web